Healthcare Systems & Services

Since 2010 IENAG provides innovative health cares solutions partnering with hospitals, IT providers and medical device industry. We know, how to create solutions that matter in daily care by integrating IT technologies and medical device usage into health care.



- market access for innovative health care solutions


- implementation of IT solutions for digital data exchange between health care providers in hospitals, ambulant and in-hospital care givers including diagnostics, treatment and medical care.


- IT- solutions for hospitals and hospital networks (z.B. telemonitoring systems, medication management systems, PACS, etc.),


- Interim project management


- support in change-management projects und process optimization within hospitals and health care networks


- support of health economics projects and reimbursement management

- design, execution and analysis of clinical studies

- support in scientific communication




- implementation of IT-based care network for patients with heart failure, COPDand diabetes in The Netherlands


- platforms for digital image exchange within and between hospital groups,


- platforms for digital exchange of medication dossiers within and between hospital groups,

- consultancy for innovative medical device industry in Sales, Marketing, Study Management, Reimbursement, Scientific Publication